Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Robot Koch And John Robinson: Robot Robinson (LP, 12 Inch)

From a laments perspective you can call this Jahcoozi’s Robot Koch meets Scienz of Life’s John Robinson. However we here at Project: Mooncircle like to see this as two dynamic forces of nature coming together in parallel universes, delivering cosmic opted sonics with science-fiction narrative conventions in a metaphysical tone. Robot Robinson is the FUTURE from Earth to Mars to Venus to Jupiter and Beyond, this project spells out the attempts to bring a different pitch of vocals to the world of Electronic Music. Robinson being no stranger to the scientifical lyrical approach along with Robot’s evolutionary voyage prone soundscapes this one is a sure shot! The Future of Music is in Good Hands.

All tracks produced by Robot Koch. All lyrics by John Robinson.
Artwork and original paintings by Ima One (Japan). Design by Gordon Gieseking.

Release date: March, 4th.

You can pre order the vinyl version at hhv.de | UGHH.COM | Rush Hour | Access HipHop | Cargo UK | Fat Beats | Diskunion | Jet Set Records and more.
Digital download at Itunes | Juno | Zero Inch | Beatport | Amazon | Bandcamp | Musicload and more.
Excerpts of press or air play outcomes:
FM4 January 10, 2011 by Tribe Vibes with the song The Program, Sun RALISTEN. BBE Radio / Global Souljah February 11, 2011 by hosted by James Barrie with the song The ProgramLISTEN. Rhythm Incursions February 20, 2011 by hosted by Laurent Fintoni with the song The Planet Is My CanvasLISTEN. Groove Merchants Radio Show February 20, 2011 by hosted by Valentin Menedetter with the song The ProgramLISTEN. etc.


A01Introduction To RRRobot Koch And John Robinsonproduced by Robot Koch
A02The FutureRobot Koch And John Robinsonproduced by Robot Koch
A03The Planet Is My CanvasRobot Koch And John Robinsonproduced by Robot Koch
A04The ProgramRobot Koch And John Robinsonproduced by Robot Koch
B05Keep On DancingRobot Koch And John Robinsonproduced by Robot Koch
B06SmorgasbordRobot Koch And John Robinsonproduced by Robot Koch
B07Sun RA Feat. I.D. 4 WindzRobot Koch, John Robinson And I.D. 4 Windzproduced by Robot Koch
B08ChannelingRobot Koch And John Robinsonproduced by Robot Koch

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Glitch Mob presents Drink The Sea: The Remixes Vol. 1 & 2

Donate $10 to help rebuild Haiti and get Drink The Sea: The Remixes Vol 1, & Vol 2. You will also have access to a growing catalog of music from other artists contributing to DownloadtoDonate.org for the entire year. Donations benefit Music For Relief which supports nonprofit organizations working on the ground in Haiti. Thanks to support from Causecast.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MAL012 - CEEKER - Body Rocker- w Free Zombie-J 320 Hexadex

Hot off his recent remix of Blackheart's "Madhouse" on MalLabel Music, rising US dubstep producer Ceeker drops a genius original along with a diverse selection of cutting edge remixes. Eyecatching artwork courtesy of Ben Keyser.

"Body Rocker" is a furious combination of buzzsaws, wobbly bass lines, and inventive melodies lines comprised of pseudo-rave stabs and bell-chine synths. The track is a subdued head nodder designed to m...ove bodies, just as its title indicates. Oakland, CA's Dr. Knobz teams up with Carly D to give the track a crunk rubdown while maintaining the moodiness of the original with a wall of synth melodies. The bass is pure glitchy, speaker shredding goodness that is hard to ignore. Mischievious San Francisco producers Mycho Pan Cocoa and El Diablo cook up a remix that is noisy and glitchy with booming dub bass and gorgeous bell-chime melodies while in contrast El Diablo and Zombie-J's pairing is a concise, hard charging track heavy on the bass wobbles. Skulltrane goes for the Hotflush/aquacrunk style and delivers a deep, dubby affair that focuses on the melancholy found in the original's melodic elements. It's well done and should appeal to fans of both dubstep and techno. Colorado-based producer Zeno's remix is also in the same vein, this one focusing on more of a moody garage feel with heavy bass accents. It's a perfect change of pace track with a partyworthy vocal snippet. "Hexdex" is a b-side bonus beats cut and just like Ceeker's other original - a curious mix of melodies and moodiness.

01 Body Rocker
02 Body Rocker (Dr. Knobz & Carly D Remix)
03 Body Rocker (Zeno Remix)
04 Hexadex (Bonus track)
05 Body Rocker (Mycho Pan Cocoa & El Diablo Remix)
06 Body Rocker (El Diablo & Zombie-J Remix)
07 Body Rocker (Skulltrane Remix)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pumping Quarterz EP (FREE​!​) band name by SPLATINUM

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/album/pumping-quarterz-ep-free">Pumping Quarterz - Original Mix by SPLATINUM</a>

Saturday, July 17, 2010

'I Try' - The Single band name by KINGS OF THE CITY

If Dr. Colossus has something to do with this album you know it is going to be proper!
<a href="http://kingsofthecity.bandcamp.com/album/i-try-the-single">I Try by KINGS OF THE CITY</a>

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The good kinda Cottonmouth

Here is a talented up and comer with a very spiffy bio and a new EP on the way. I a really happy that Cottonmouth got back in to the game and look forward to hearing his future production. "COTTONMOUTH has been producing music since he was 14 years old when he got the drum n bass bug, which consumed him. Since his early days, his taste in music has expanded into Dubstep/Electronica/Electro/IDM and much more. Cottonmouth has already become a Soundcloud favorite, with a hefty following, he continues to challenge the boundaries of electronic music. He recently had a 6 year break to find himself after a life threatening skating accident, where he attempted to jump the Cheddar Gorge near Bristol, England. He has returned triumphant, with a whole host of new tunes and ideas that are guaranteed to leave your ears wondering what hit them. If the Stapedius (ear) is the smallest muscle in the body, Cottonmouth’s tunes will ensure that even the largest muscle in the body, the Gluteus Maximus (ass) will be unable to hold still and start shaking of it’s own accord.

You can expect a lot more from this artist who has returned from the grave."

Watch out for his debut EP dropping in Summer 2010.

Artist: Cottonmouth

Title: Wake Up

Label: Permanent Damage Records

Release Date: Jul 27, 2010

Catalog ID: PDRX0007

1.“Moving On” opens by paying homage to that pioneer of Dubstep, Johann
Sebastian Bach, with its contrapuntal fugue intro. If that sounds like another
language, not to worry: the bass drops hard, and we’re off to the three-legged
Dubstep races.

2.“Chinese Breakaway” cranks up the intensity and turns the Dubstep wobble
inside out with constant variations over a heavy beat that would make John
Bonham tap his toes and Rick Allen clap his hands.

3.“Stompbox” uses vocal samples and a simple hook to build to several
climaxes, and is a surefire dance floor mover.

4.Closing with the aptly named “Faceslap,” Cottonmouth leaves us wanting
more. The unsettling melody and changing rhythms keep us on our toes until
the final wobbly bass note echoes into nothingness.

Make sure to check out more of Cottonmouth work here:








Latest tracks by Cottonmouth

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blackheart's The Magic Hour LP Out 7-27-10 on INgrooves

Blackheart comes forth with it’s first ever LP, “The Magic Hour,” on MalLabel Music following their previous 3 remix releases on the label. The duo, having worked together since 2007, have a discography that spans an handful of some of the US’s most prized labels, including Full Melt, Bassism, Filthy Digital, Savory Audio, and also MalLabel. Their remixes of 6Blocc’s “Bad Boy” and DZ’s “Untitled Facemelter” on MalLabel proved to be dancefloor destroyers, and “The Magic Hour LP” is filled from beginning to end with the same vibey West Coast darkness. “Creature Funk” opens the album to a raunchy, chuggy, driving stepper, “Dialers,” “Madhouse,” and “Kik May Boots” are all straight forward, driving anthems. The album is sure to please the masses.

Artwork by Ben Keyser.

Artist: Blackheart

Title: The Magic Hour LP

Label: MalLabel Music

Release Date: July 27, 2010


1) Blackheart - Creature Funk
2) Blackheart - Ceeker- Dialers
3) Blackheart - Bukkha - Madhouse
4) Blackheart - Rastatronics - Digital Breath
5) Blackheart - Kik Mah Boots
6) Blackheart - Madhouse (Ceeker Remix)
7) Blackheart – Hyperlink

Available everywhere July 27th, 2010 through INgrooves.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bass Bangers Blackheart

The SF bay area duo known as BLACKHEART together bring a combined 30 years of production/DJ experience to the mixing console and dj booth. While their sound may be difficult to categorize, their ability to pack and rock a dance floor is undeniable. Each having his own diverse history in San Francisco’s electronic dance music culture, BLACKHEART has taken root in the burgeoning and multi-faceted SF DUBSTEP scene. Crews from around the US have all had their dancefloors smashed by BLACKHEART, and with releases on MALLABEL, BRAP DEM, FULL MELT, BASSISM, FITLHY DIGITAL, and ABDUCTED DUBS, it’s only getting heavier. Recently taking residency with both MALLABEL and REDLINE, fronted by SF DJ ULTRAVIOLET. You can usually catch BLACKHEART at any MALLABEL event or REDLINE’S monthly, MAKEOUT SESSIONS, but if you need your fix with the quickness, download their exclusive Studio Mix here. BLACKHEART is doing damage to no end. LISTEN UP AND GET DOWN. Check out Blackheart's Newest Studio Mix HERE.






Mal @ Mal@MalLabelMusic.com

Latest tracks by Geoff Blackheart