Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blackheart's The Magic Hour LP Out 7-27-10 on INgrooves

Blackheart comes forth with it’s first ever LP, “The Magic Hour,” on MalLabel Music following their previous 3 remix releases on the label. The duo, having worked together since 2007, have a discography that spans an handful of some of the US’s most prized labels, including Full Melt, Bassism, Filthy Digital, Savory Audio, and also MalLabel. Their remixes of 6Blocc’s “Bad Boy” and DZ’s “Untitled Facemelter” on MalLabel proved to be dancefloor destroyers, and “The Magic Hour LP” is filled from beginning to end with the same vibey West Coast darkness. “Creature Funk” opens the album to a raunchy, chuggy, driving stepper, “Dialers,” “Madhouse,” and “Kik May Boots” are all straight forward, driving anthems. The album is sure to please the masses.

Artwork by Ben Keyser.

Artist: Blackheart

Title: The Magic Hour LP

Label: MalLabel Music

Release Date: July 27, 2010


1) Blackheart - Creature Funk
2) Blackheart - Ceeker- Dialers
3) Blackheart - Bukkha - Madhouse
4) Blackheart - Rastatronics - Digital Breath
5) Blackheart - Kik Mah Boots
6) Blackheart - Madhouse (Ceeker Remix)
7) Blackheart – Hyperlink

Available everywhere July 27th, 2010 through INgrooves.


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