Friday, January 29, 2010

How to dance to Bass music

For those of you that are not 100% sure on how to get down with a creepy 6 foot bear.

The shake down.

I only posted this because I was told it is a hoax. If not then we are bad people for laughing. Or at least I am.

I guess this proves that just about anything will work! P.S. the end is just wrong!

This little french girl is way better than you!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the grind with Dubba Jonny

This is a hard working duo! I would tell you all about them but they do such a good job at doing it them self's, I don't have to. :)

We will play ANYWHERE from your bathroom to your mates underground rave, to your local club. If there is a roof, walls and people, we will play. For no pay. Don't be shy, click the CONTACT us!
Tour begins in early July. We will start posting live demo videos, mixes and booked dates real soon. Make this happen, if you like Dubstep and have any friends at all, hit that contact button.

Dubba Jonny is a Bournemouth based 2 man Dubstep operation, consisting of producer Brian (also known as 'Kuvah' of Duke & Kuvah) and drummer Nick. Shows are in the pipeline, mixing live Dj'ing, synth and sampling with live drumming for an extra explosive set. We can pretty much set up and play anywhere, so if you want to book us for anything from a club night to a house party, hit the contact button!

Dubba Jonny likes to remix. So if you like Dubstep and want us to destroy your song then we'll be happy to sort you out! We are also on a lookout for session vocalists/MC's for our forthcoming EP, collabs and to help us out on live shows. Don't be shy!

Lots of stuff coming soon, so watch this space...



Latest tracks by dubba jonny


Monday, January 25, 2010

Scratch Perverts

This is just... So, great!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Moving through the Electro Bass with RuNRiOT

RuN RiOT has only been in existence since January 2009, but since then the man behind the name, Tom Young, has set up his own label and invaded the festival circuit.

The 24 year old producer released his debut 4 track EP named 'Charge' in May 2009. It reaching no.2 in the eMusic Breaks Chart, MIXMAG called it a "Barnstoring EP".

RuN RiOT is rapidly gaining fans through his powerful and energetic live shows. Working his way through the ranks, The Breakspoll Awards are also around the corner and RuN RiOT is hoping to be nominated for Breakthrough Producer & Best Remix. If you feel he deserves this, take a minute and give a vote I am sure it would be greatly appreciated! RuN RiOT was nice enough to make a track available for download. Double 99 'RIP Groove' (RuN RiOT Remix)

After bursting onto the Breaks scene 6 months ago with his critically acclaimed debut EP, RuN RiOT's follow-up release 'Take My Hand' is the 24 year old producer's second release on We Are Live Records. An moody vocal track, full of dynamics, tough beats and trance leads.

Artist: RuN RiOT
Title: Take My Hand EP
Label: We Are Live [WAL03]
Release Date: 25th January 2010
Format: Digital
Genre: Breaks/House
Track Listing:
1. Take My Hand [Soundcloud Link]
2. Take My Hand (Dom Almond Remix) [Soundcloud Link]
3. Take My Hand (The Beatmonkeys Remix) [Soundcloud Link]
4. Take My Hand (RuN RiOT Remix) [Soundcloud Link]

Remixes come courtesy of The Beatmonkeys - fresh from their Mixmag 'Single of the month', and Dom Almond - another of Breaks' most exciting prospects. Together with an infectious House workout from RuN RiOT himself this EP is packed with energy.





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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beating on a Jeep with Julian Smith

Julian Smith makes his living as a YouTuber, freelance director and musician. In this video that he has put together, he’s created a techno track using only the actual sounds from a Jeep. He’s got 5 people operating the various bits and pieces, someone working a boom mic, and someone dedicated to mixing the whole thing live. Everyone started rehearsing their parts 2 weeks before the shot. It took 7 hours of filming to get a solid take. This is pretty f@%kin cool!

check out more of Julian Smith Productions here.





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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting ready for paistyboy

Get ready for Ben Swanwick A.K.A. "paistyboy". I have a feeling paistyboy will be crushing it in the Bass scene one day! keep your eyes open for this kid. From what I have seen so far. I have a feeling there will be only good things to come.

Now a few words from paistyboy. Hi I'm a 16 year old producer living in Hertfordshire, Britain. Says paistyboy. I've always been into music since I was very young and have always been interested in the music making process. I am a classically bassoon player and have been forced to take part in music for the whole of my life.
I started producing music around 2007/2008 and have advanced a-lot since then due to many an hour spent laboring in front of a computer screen.




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Sunday, January 17, 2010



<a href="">Wu Vs Beatles (Intro) by Wu Tang Vs The Beatles</a>

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bringing the Bass in Miami with Methodus & somejerk

"Digital Felon Back to Back Sessions Volume 1" mixed by Methodus & somejerk. This is how they do Dubstep in Miami. Notice the Bass...

You can check out some of their other work and projects here.




Digital Felon Back to Back Sessions Vol 1 ft Methodus & somejerk by digitalfelon

Track List:
Lea Luna – leaving for Mars (B. Rich remix)
Datsik & 12th Planet – Texx Mars [SMOG]
Datsik – Gizmo [Basshead Music]
12th Planet – 68 [SMOG]
Jinder – Youthblood (12th Planet & Flinch remix)
J. Rabbit – Chernobyl Tea Party
John Legend – Heartbreaker (12th Planet remix)
Faithless – Sun To Me (Emalkay remix)
Rico Tubbs – Gangstas (Tes La Rok remix)
Jakes – Rock the Bells
Selfsimilar – 1st Degree (VIP mix)
Crookers – Business Man (DZ remix)
Emalkay – When I Look At You (Sduk remix)
Datsik – 3 Fist Style [Basshead Music]
Borgore – Foes VIP
Matt U – Whyle the Fuck Out
The Builder – 30hz Legend
Tomba – Hebrew Hammer
Stagga – Time Warp Dub (Akira Kiteshi remix)
DZ – Just Rollin (Akira Kiteshi remix)
La Roux – Tigerlilly (B. Rich remix)
B. Rich ft. Reese – Make Me Want To Dance (J Rabbit remix)
The Prodigy – Warriors Dance (Benga remix)
Mayhem – Get Buck
Distance – Clockwork (edit)
The Builder – Balls Out
Alix Perez ft.Truth & Lynx – No Grudge
2562 – Channel Two

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Banging through the night with the Knight Riderz

Welcome Knight Riderz strait out of Canada these two make a perfect example of what a Multi Genre Bass Music producer is. They have everything drums that bang, melodies that romance, and synths that rip your senses into new dimensions. Knight Riderz have a heavy harmonic flavor all their own. With backgrounds in Reggae, Hip Hop, Metal, and Classical music there is literally no confines or rules to their output. I recommend you keep an eye out for theses two. I have a feeling they will be doing big things!

For bookings, contact, and remix requests:




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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brazilan Bass by Negativz

Ever wonder what bass music is like in other places? Let me introduce you to Rodrigo Senna A.K.A "Negativz" a 28 year old DJ from Brasilia, Brazil. He has been playing since 2005, but had to stop for health and other reasons, now he is back and deep in the Bass scene in Brazil. This man is has definitely been pushing bass below the equator and he has many mixes to prove it. check them out. and for more information on Negativz check out his links.





Latest tracks by Negativz

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Create somthing in Bb 2.0

If you have any interest in music what so ever you must see this! Just click on the image or right here "" to go to the site.

In Bb 2.0
is a collaborative music and spoken word project conceived by Darren Solomon from Science for Girls, and developed with contributions from users.
The videos can be played simultaneously -- the soundtracks will work together, and the mix can be adjusted with the individual volume sliders.
Learn more in the FAQ.