Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slap Chopping the Electro Breaks by Steve Porter

Steve Porter decided to do an electro Break (video) remix of Vince and the Slap Chop. You have got to see this. Here is the track "Slap Chop". You know you want it! ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Time to get a life vs music to have weddings to by kminus1

Here is an up-beat munti genre mix by Kminus1. Take a minute to check out Kminus1 he was kind enough to share a mix with us and a little bit of info about himself. He recently did a remix of a track that was a counterfeit of a Prodigy track "". You can check it out on Kminus1's Soundcloud account "Collapse - Junkie XL (kminus1 remix)". Kminus1 had a few things to say about himself so...

My general influences include electronica from all eras. Says Kminus1. Genres including drum & bass, break beat, big beat, dub-step, glitch, and acid house. I also enjoy elements of metal music, guitar distortion, feedback and wild drum sections! The Bristol music scene is another of my influences. Artists such as Roni Size and Massive Attack. Other musical influences include Peaches, The Hacker, Nine Inch Nails, Lemon Jelly, Daft Punk, Adam Freeland, Skull Disco, Amon Tobin, Ltj Bukem, and Photek amongst others.

More artists who've been hugely influential to me include, Tangerine Dream (Rubycon LP), Squarepusher, Fat Boy Slim, Vivaldi, Amon Tobin, Eat Static, Futures Untold, Rage Against The Machine, Nick Drake, Adam Freeland, Koma & Bones, Evil 9, Skull Disco, and The Hacker

Some non musical influences are free parties, gyrating women, and falling on the floor in a strip club. I suppose you could say, there isn't much that doesn't go into it!

I respect all the free thinking musicians out there. Those who stick to their values within music.


Time To Get A Life vs Music To Have Weddings To (kminus1) by kminus1

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The mystery of sound

This is why bass is so important.

Solar rework from flight404 on Vimeo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Water gun massacre

Ever play fight with water guns? Ever do it on dub-step?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taste some new bass with Ben Samples

Ben Samples is a extremely talented producer based out of Boulder, CO. His style is very broad and filled with Crunk, Glitch-Hop, and Bass. Ben Samples has a knack for taking old club anthems an making then into bass heavy glitched out new ones.

Ben Samples started in 2006 when he picked up a weekly variety radio show for CU Boulder's KVCU. The show covered many styles and genres. But after 2 years the radio show ended leaving Ben Samples with the free time to pursue his DJ career. Ben Samples is also one half of the live remix project Fresh2Death. Check them out "", or for more of Ben Samples music including some new albums check out his links below.




Latest tracks by bensamples

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to make a mash-up with Sue Teller

For those of you that are just starting or need to brush up on your skills. Here is a brief tutorial.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Resonating in to everything with Omega

Chris Cox. "A.K.A. Omega" is an extremely talented 27-year-old producer form Denver, Colorado. So far, I have liked every track this guy has made! Omega really keeps it interesting. Plus I like the way he looks at things...

But without further a due I will let him say a little something about himself.

I live in Denver, Colorado says Omega. I am inspired by music in general, it would take a year to make a complete list, so I'll just list a few of the big ones that come to mind: Shpongle, Steely Dan, Rachmaninoff, Deftones, Chromatone, Venetian Snares, Ani Difranco, Tipper, Bil Bless, and Iron Maiden. Sorta all over the place, I've always been a music junkie, and always just listened to whatever struck me as good. There are some friends of mine that have definitely helped along the way with my development as a producer: Sugarpill, Dr. Vim, Future Simple Project.

My biggest influences within the dubstep scene at the moment. 16-Bit, Nero, Vaski, Excision, Mimosa, Downlink, Bird of Prey, Nucleya, NumberNin6, Propa Tingz, and Reso... I like stuff that is dirty and aggressive, but I also like pretty, elegant stuff too. And whatever style, it's gotta be fun. Nothing ruins a scene more than when people get all caught up in their own egos, and forget about having a sense of humor and keeping shit fun.

I'm part of an artist collective, Family Moons, and we just launched a new website on which we will be doing regular live streaming broadcasts of sets by Family artists and special guests:

also, sound-systems without sub-woofers should be outlawed.




Latest tracks by OmegaDubstep

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A tsunami of sound from Sonic Tramp

How can I explain Sonic Tramp's sound? I guess it would be like, if Death Metal and Dance music got together and had children. Sonic Tramp produces powerful beat driven dance music and bass filled walls of sound.

Sonic Tramp just finished a slew of remixes. Is working on a new EP that he hopes to release next year, and is currently looking for a label to release it.




Latest tracks by Sonic Tramp

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beatboxing the bass with Red

I believe that when this was taped Red was living on the street. Hopefully he is doing better now. He definitely has talent.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking a moment for BRAINPAIN

Allow me to introduce you to BRAINPAIN. A 28 year old producer from Poland. BRAINPAIN has a sound with so much aggressive bass, that if given a proper sound system could possibly give you brain pain. Here are a few things you may or may not know about BRAINPAIN. Directly from the source.

I have been making music since 1995 says BRAINPAIN. I was fifteen years old when I started. I didn't even have a half way decent computer. I used a broken Amiga, headphones form a walkman, a Casio keyboard (The kind for children), and a cassette player. This was my first recording studio. Now I am working mainly with Reason, FL studio, Cubase, Ableton live, and Audition. I produce dubstep, dark heavy drum n bass, breakcore, experimental-electronica, drill and bass, down tempo, etc... Many genres with broken beats or broken bass.

So far I have released mostly drum n bass on various lables. But you can prepare to see dub step releases soon. I am the director of Dubsaw Recordings (sub-label of Mindsaw Recordings). We have many new tracks that will be hitting the clubs soon. You can expect to see releases form Culprate, Barbarix, Suspect & Switchdubs, Rakoon, Koan, Wachs Lyrical, Veelk (A.K.A. I:GOR), and many more.

Contact BRAINPAIN for demos and bookings.




Latest tracks by BRAINPAIN

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking it to the next level with arjanM

Not only does this guy produce his own music. He also produces his on twisted music videos. You have got to see this! He even made video showing you how he made the video! You can check this all this out on his website

blackhole from arjanM on Vimeo.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting down to the Nitty Gritty with NiT GriT

Into the grimier side of things? Then let me introduce you to Danny Beall aka. NiT GriT. This dub-step producer form San Jose, USA. Doesn't just produce bass he grabs it by the neck and strangles it to death! I could describe his music more, but I think the tracks will speak for them self's.

Latest tracks by NiT GriT

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Multi Genre Breake Beat Culture with FACTISS

FACTISS. A mulit genre bass Dj from France that is driven by break beats. yet, still manages to get a little of everything else in with out sparing any of the bass.

I'm currently mixing with my laptop and a Vestax VCI300 says FACTISS. My mixes are influences by Ambient, Hip Hop, Glitch hop, Break beats, Dub step and Rave music.

You can find more of FACTISS mixes here.

nico factiss


Factiss - Mixture by FACTISS

1 - American beauty live amorphous mash segue /Bassnectar mix
2 - Big up / Babylon system
3 - Cold platter / Tipper
4 - Subsequence / MF Silva
5 - Deliberate Distortion / Ion Driver
7 - Everyday / Mad tek
8 - Better living through distortion / Si begg
9 - Open the jolws (vip mix) / Tipper
10 - Cities in dust (King unique dub) / Junkie XL feat Lauren Rocket
11 - Medium cool (bassbin twins remix) / Koma and bones
13 - Oversteer / Tipper
15 - Revolution bonus beats tronik / Si begg
17 - Are you a big boy DJ (High Ranking remix) / Si begg
18 - Unitizer / Tipper
19 - Silikon / Modeselector vs Siriusmo (re edit Jantsen)
20 - Futur (original mix) / Buckfunk 3000
21 - Dancing Box feat TTC / Modeselektor
22 - Aera 51 / Ilario Naples
23 - Deal with it / Tipper
25 - Fingers around my throat / Sloth Logic
26 - The light / The Album Leaf