Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Simply crushing it with arizona

arizona has a very aggressive earthshaking sound. And he keeps it filthy! arizona's plan is very simple "make art get paid." That about sums it up, enjoy.

Latest tracks by arizona

Friday, December 25, 2009

Getting connected to Konekta

Knick A.K.A "Konekta" produces Dubstep, glitch-Hop, Drum n Bass, and everything in between. If that is not enough for you. He is giving it all away for free!

Here is a word form the man himself...PLAY EM LOUD, PLAY EM OFTEN AND SHARE WITH ALL! Thanks to all the listeners for playing my tunes, all the dj's and all other music lovers pushing bass music forward!


Konekta - Konekted Vibrations E.P. 9 tracks from a wide variety of artist including Dizzee Rascal, Soul Medic, Warren G, Mad Lion, MGMT, and many more, all remixed by Konekta for your listening and playing pleasures!
1. Captivate
2. Projects VIP
3. Stand Up Tall
4. Keep It Gangsta*
5. This Is The Shack
6. Ready Or Not Remix
7. West Coast Smokers Riddim
8. No Entry (T.H.C. Dubstep Refix)**
9. Electric Feel (Wu-Tang Edit)

*Feat. Mr. Softee
**Feat. Soul Medic & King Donko

You can download the whole thing right here.


Or check out more of Konekta's work here.




Latest tracks by Konekta

Monday, December 21, 2009

Freaking out the frequencies with Kool Hertz

Suroor Sirius Goodenough aka Kool Hertz started rocking crowds over 13 years ago in the UK, Cape Town & Jo’burg scene. He’s spun next to other such big fish as Ali B[Fabric/Kiss FM], Cut La Roc, Diesel Boy, Counterstrike, Eddy Tm[XFM] & Pascal. On the radio he has had some airplay on Good Hope FM, 5FM[CPT], NSB[UK], RTE Pulse[Dublin] & has also been reviewed in Dj Mag & NME. He pays the rent creating epic albums of fresh tunes of all sorts of genres. Signed to Music Candy, his tunes are distributed by EMI, BMG, and Universal Music for play on MTV, BBC, NBC to name a few. Companies like Mercedes Benz and Samsung borrow his tracks to make the stuff they sell sound cool. Things are starting to blow up for Kool Hertz. 2009/10 has him on heavy remix duties for Concrete Breaks records, Break Down Records, Pig Balls Records & new things happening in the new year. With releases currently out on iTunes, Juno and whatnot. Look him up.




Kool Hertz currently has his soundcloud widget disabled so you will have to go to soundcloud to hear his tracks. Latest tracks by Kool Hertz

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to dance to Dub-step

For those of you that are not 100% sure how to dance to dub-step. You may want to take notes...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Get Ripped by Beat3

Here is a bass dealing trio, that by the looks of this release will be making big waves in the bass communities. Welcome Beat3 as they expose you to West Coast California Glitch fused with UK Bass straight from the East Side (Reading, UK) Beat3 is made up of Arthur, Harry Tattersall, and Luke Barton.

Beat3 Productions Presents 'Get Ripped In 4 Weeks'. This is a compilation of our recent tracks to showcase our production skills says Beat3. There are various styles from Glitch Hop to Funky Breaks and back to Dubstep as well as Soul & Funk. Hopefully you will enjoy this free sampler album. It took a lot of late nights in a small, smokey room to get this far so if you do like it please get in touch.Enjoy your free downloads and don't forget to tell your friends and us if you like it.

Don't forget to add us on your myspace etc...

Beat3 Productions



Or contract them individually

Dj L-Biz





Don Beats


Latest tracks by Beat3 Productions

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to wear a toga while doing yoga... by Dunks

Lets take a listen to Dunks form Vancouver, Canada. Today Dunks will be sharing with us the chiller side of bass. Here is a enlightening concoction of bass music to do Yoga to!

Towards the end of my morning DJ set, says Dunks. At the Uprising Media Festival, the dance-floor turned into a yoga-floor. DJing to yoga is an idea that has interested me for quite some time now and I am hoping to develop some projects with this. Here is a 45 min freestyle mix I recorded this afternoon with a stretched out vibe.

Dunks also has may more mixes and remix you can here:


How to wear a toga while doing yoga... by Dunks


Rise - Walter Hallert
Phat Thai - Malente
Sobre La Amistad - Mono:Poly
As I Walk The Earth, My True Love Waits For Me - Regal
45.000$ (Guapapasea) [Watch TV Remix] - Gecko Turner
duru people - Basement Freaks
Searchin For Peace (DJ Pazs Zardoz Mix)-DJ Regal
Fidelity - Regina Spector
Fidelity (Morgan Page Unreleased Remix) - Regina Spektor
Dubuasca - Bassnectar/Michael Kang
Geh-Fahr - Mono:Poly
Free Mind -Afronaut
String Vibe- Plastyc Budda (Nickodemus & Osiris NY Hipharmonic Mix)
Mad Stream (Rephrase remix) - Kidzen
license to dream- Basement Freaks
aint_no_shame - The Disco Builders
Arctic Tree's - Sard Boogie
Jugoe - 90 West -Jugoe
Concentrate - Aim
The Hustle - Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire
Guruji - Silenta
Poye (Tal M. Klein Remix Radio Edit) - Issa Bagayogo
Out Of Luck - Mawglee
All Over Now - Big M Bootie

Monday, December 7, 2009

Freshly imported bass by MaxG

Allow me to introduce you to someone from the other side of the seas. Buckinghamshire, Britain U.K. to be exact. Max Geldeard A.K.A. MaxG is a very talented up and coming producer in the dub-step scene. I use the term "up and coming" loosely because he as been in this game for 15 years now. He as only recently redirected his focus to dub-step. Witch from what I have heard so far, is a really good thing!

I started producing a few years ago with an old mate of mine (Dave T). Says MaxG. But have recently changed Software Sequencer and I’m currently going solo.At the moment I’m really just trying to find my own sound, something a bit original, and Dubstep seems to be really channeling my creativity well.

I started off DJ’ing about 15 years ago (Jungle and Drum & Bass) in my Bedroom and round at mates houses doing mixtapes, then at Free Parties (illegal raves) round my local area. I do still do a small amount of DJ’ing now and again, mainly Breakbeat though.

I’m using Ableton Live for software, and a bunch good VST synths that help me get the sound I’m getting at the moment.

I’m hoping to focus on getting a Live DJ set together of my Dubstep, and hope to play it out live when I get enough tunes together.

I’m always up for collaborating with other Producers and Artists – drop me a line via Soundcloud.

I’m also looking for a record label who likes my sound enough to want to publish some of my tunes :o)
-Max G.


Latest tracks by MaxG

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Take a track, Leave a track. :)

This is my version of "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny". Only with music. Soundcloud did a really interesting thing with there widgets, allowing people to make pools of tracks that are community funded. I put these groups together hopeful to find new music that could be categorized as multi Genre Bass Music. So far it has worked pretty well. Hopefully this will be a good resource/starting point for both DJ and Producer. Since they can both share and find tracks very easily. These are ever growing sources of tracks, most of them free! I would recommend checking on it frequently. Soundcloud has made some new rules in regards to downloads. Some tracks have limits to the amount of times they are downloaded. But I believe that they reset every month. If you have a track you would like to share please drop it in the appropriate drop box located above each player. If you are looking for new track check them out there are some good ones!

Multi Genre Bass Music

Every thing Bass!

<-- Add your track to Multi Genre Bass Music. Multi Genre Bass Music


Relentless bass! When proper sound is required...

<-- Add you track to Breathless. Breathless

Dirty Bass

Dark, Dirty, Grime y, or Aggressive bass music. That is what we are after. :)

<-- Add you track to Dirty Bass. Dirty Bass


Bass strait from the streets!

<-- Add you track to Grime. Grime


When it is just a little more than a beat.

<-- Add your track to Glitch. Glitch

Glitch Hop

You might not be ready for it yet... But your kids are going to love it!

<-- Add your track to Glitch Hop. Glitch Hop

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How do you feel?

You know how you are feeling. But ever wonder how everyone else in the world is feeling? Thanks to Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar you can not only find out. You can even get the statistics! If you would like to check this out click on the image above. Then click on the "Interactive Version" in the lower left hand corner. This is definitely something worth checking out!

We Feel Fine is an independent project conceived and created by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar. It bears no affiliation to Google, Fabrica, Stanford, Princeton, or any other company or organization.

Jonathan Harris
Combining elements of computer science, anthropology, visual art and storytelling, Jonathan Harris designs systems to explore and explain the human world. He has made projects about human emotion, human desire, modern mythology, science, news, anonymity and language, and created the world's largest time capsule, which was translated into 10 languages. He studied computer science at Princeton University, and was awarded a 2004 Fabrica fellowship. The winner of two 2005 Webby Awards, Harris' work has also been recognized by AIGA, Ars Electronica, ID Magazine, and the State of Vermont, has been featured by CNN, BBC, Reuters, NPR, USA Today, Metropolis and Wired, and has been exhibited at Le Centre Pompidou (Paris), and The Museum of Modern Art (New York). Originally from Shelburne Vermont, he currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, and does not have a blog.
More of his work can be seen at www.number27.org

Sep Kamvar
Sep Kamvar is a Consulting Professor of Computational Mathematics at Stanford University. His research focuses on data mining in large-scale networks such as the web, peer-to-peer, and social networks. From 2003-2007, he was the engineering lead of personalization at Google, responsible for Personalized Search and iGoogle. He founded Kaltix, a search engine that was acquired by Google in 2003. His artwork is in the permanent collections of the MoMA and the MFAH. He hasn't won any awards, but his mom thinks he's handsome.
More of his work can be seen at www.kamvar.org

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slap Chopping the Electro Breaks by Steve Porter

Steve Porter decided to do an electro Break (video) remix of Vince and the Slap Chop. You have got to see this. Here is the track "Slap Chop". You know you want it! ;)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Time to get a life vs music to have weddings to by kminus1

Here is an up-beat munti genre mix by Kminus1. Take a minute to check out Kminus1 he was kind enough to share a mix with us and a little bit of info about himself. He recently did a remix of a track that was a counterfeit of a Prodigy track "http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Prodigy-The-Castbreeder/release/630459". You can check it out on Kminus1's Soundcloud account "Collapse - Junkie XL (kminus1 remix)". Kminus1 had a few things to say about himself so...

My general influences include electronica from all eras. Says Kminus1. Genres including drum & bass, break beat, big beat, dub-step, glitch, and acid house. I also enjoy elements of metal music, guitar distortion, feedback and wild drum sections! The Bristol music scene is another of my influences. Artists such as Roni Size and Massive Attack. Other musical influences include Peaches, The Hacker, Nine Inch Nails, Lemon Jelly, Daft Punk, Adam Freeland, Skull Disco, Amon Tobin, Ltj Bukem, and Photek amongst others.

More artists who've been hugely influential to me include, Tangerine Dream (Rubycon LP), Squarepusher, Fat Boy Slim, Vivaldi, Amon Tobin, Eat Static, Futures Untold, Rage Against The Machine, Nick Drake, Adam Freeland, Koma & Bones, Evil 9, Skull Disco, and The Hacker

Some non musical influences are free parties, gyrating women, and falling on the floor in a strip club. I suppose you could say, there isn't much that doesn't go into it!

I respect all the free thinking musicians out there. Those who stick to their values within music.


Time To Get A Life vs Music To Have Weddings To (kminus1) by kminus1

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The mystery of sound

This is why bass is so important.

Solar rework from flight404 on Vimeo.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Water gun massacre

Ever play fight with water guns? Ever do it on dub-step?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Taste some new bass with Ben Samples

Ben Samples is a extremely talented producer based out of Boulder, CO. His style is very broad and filled with Crunk, Glitch-Hop, and Bass. Ben Samples has a knack for taking old club anthems an making then into bass heavy glitched out new ones.

Ben Samples started in 2006 when he picked up a weekly variety radio show for CU Boulder's KVCU. The show covered many styles and genres. But after 2 years the radio show ended leaving Ben Samples with the free time to pursue his DJ career. Ben Samples is also one half of the live remix project Fresh2Death. Check them out "http://www.myspace.com/fresh2deathmuzik", or for more of Ben Samples music including some new albums check out his links below.




Latest tracks by bensamples

Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to make a mash-up with Sue Teller

For those of you that are just starting or need to brush up on your skills. Here is a brief tutorial.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Resonating in to everything with Omega

Chris Cox. "A.K.A. Omega" is an extremely talented 27-year-old producer form Denver, Colorado. So far, I have liked every track this guy has made! Omega really keeps it interesting. Plus I like the way he looks at things...

But without further a due I will let him say a little something about himself.

I live in Denver, Colorado says Omega. I am inspired by music in general, it would take a year to make a complete list, so I'll just list a few of the big ones that come to mind: Shpongle, Steely Dan, Rachmaninoff, Deftones, Chromatone, Venetian Snares, Ani Difranco, Tipper, Bil Bless, and Iron Maiden. Sorta all over the place, I've always been a music junkie, and always just listened to whatever struck me as good. There are some friends of mine that have definitely helped along the way with my development as a producer: Sugarpill, Dr. Vim, Future Simple Project.

My biggest influences within the dubstep scene at the moment. 16-Bit, Nero, Vaski, Excision, Mimosa, Downlink, Bird of Prey, Nucleya, NumberNin6, Propa Tingz, and Reso... I like stuff that is dirty and aggressive, but I also like pretty, elegant stuff too. And whatever style, it's gotta be fun. Nothing ruins a scene more than when people get all caught up in their own egos, and forget about having a sense of humor and keeping shit fun.

I'm part of an artist collective, Family Moons, and we just launched a new website on which we will be doing regular live streaming broadcasts of sets by Family artists and special guests: http://www.familymoons.com/radio

also, sound-systems without sub-woofers should be outlawed.




Latest tracks by OmegaDubstep

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A tsunami of sound from Sonic Tramp

How can I explain Sonic Tramp's sound? I guess it would be like, if Death Metal and Dance music got together and had children. Sonic Tramp produces powerful beat driven dance music and bass filled walls of sound.

Sonic Tramp just finished a slew of remixes. Is working on a new EP that he hopes to release next year, and is currently looking for a label to release it.




Latest tracks by Sonic Tramp

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beatboxing the bass with Red

I believe that when this was taped Red was living on the street. Hopefully he is doing better now. He definitely has talent.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking a moment for BRAINPAIN

Allow me to introduce you to BRAINPAIN. A 28 year old producer from Poland. BRAINPAIN has a sound with so much aggressive bass, that if given a proper sound system could possibly give you brain pain. Here are a few things you may or may not know about BRAINPAIN. Directly from the source.

I have been making music since 1995 says BRAINPAIN. I was fifteen years old when I started. I didn't even have a half way decent computer. I used a broken Amiga, headphones form a walkman, a Casio keyboard (The kind for children), and a cassette player. This was my first recording studio. Now I am working mainly with Reason, FL studio, Cubase, Ableton live, and Audition. I produce dubstep, dark heavy drum n bass, breakcore, experimental-electronica, drill and bass, down tempo, etc... Many genres with broken beats or broken bass.

So far I have released mostly drum n bass on various lables. But you can prepare to see dub step releases soon. I am the director of Dubsaw Recordings (sub-label of Mindsaw Recordings). We have many new tracks that will be hitting the clubs soon. You can expect to see releases form Culprate, Barbarix, Suspect & Switchdubs, Rakoon, Koan, Wachs Lyrical, Veelk (A.K.A. I:GOR), and many more.

Contact BRAINPAIN for demos and bookings.




Latest tracks by BRAINPAIN

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Taking it to the next level with arjanM

Not only does this guy produce his own music. He also produces his on twisted music videos. You have got to see this! He even made video showing you how he made the video! You can check this all this out on his website http://www.arjanm.com.

blackhole from arjanM on Vimeo.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Getting down to the Nitty Gritty with NiT GriT

Into the grimier side of things? Then let me introduce you to Danny Beall aka. NiT GriT. This dub-step producer form San Jose, USA. Doesn't just produce bass he grabs it by the neck and strangles it to death! I could describe his music more, but I think the tracks will speak for them self's.

Latest tracks by NiT GriT

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Multi Genre Breake Beat Culture with FACTISS

FACTISS. A mulit genre bass Dj from France that is driven by break beats. yet, still manages to get a little of everything else in with out sparing any of the bass.

I'm currently mixing with my laptop and a Vestax VCI300 says FACTISS. My mixes are influences by Ambient, Hip Hop, Glitch hop, Break beats, Dub step and Rave music.

You can find more of FACTISS mixes here.

nico factiss


Factiss - Mixture by FACTISS

1 - American beauty live amorphous mash segue /Bassnectar mix
2 - Big up / Babylon system
3 - Cold platter / Tipper
4 - Subsequence / MF Silva
5 - Deliberate Distortion / Ion Driver
7 - Everyday / Mad tek
8 - Better living through distortion / Si begg
9 - Open the jolws (vip mix) / Tipper
10 - Cities in dust (King unique dub) / Junkie XL feat Lauren Rocket
11 - Medium cool (bassbin twins remix) / Koma and bones
13 - Oversteer / Tipper
15 - Revolution bonus beats tronik / Si begg
17 - Are you a big boy DJ (High Ranking remix) / Si begg
18 - Unitizer / Tipper
19 - Silikon / Modeselector vs Siriusmo (re edit Jantsen)
20 - Futur (original mix) / Buckfunk 3000
21 - Dancing Box feat TTC / Modeselektor
22 - Aera 51 / Ilario Naples
23 - Deal with it / Tipper
25 - Fingers around my throat / Sloth Logic
26 - The light / The Album Leaf

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brett Domino Trio -1

I know this really has nothing to do with bass music. But these guys rock it! In there own way...

Emotronic New wave Bass by BLACK NOISE

Southern Fried Records backed group BLACK NOISE has a new EP that just got released Oct 16th and to celebrate it, they came out with not only a video with some trippy animation but also a free remix giveaway of the Crookers track Business Man. "Crookers - Business Man (Black Noise remix)".

Romping basslines, noisy drums, raucous samples, and most important bass! These are a few of the things you can expect form BLACK NOISE. A Emotronic/New Wave sound that does not stray far form the low-end. If you are into the New Wave/Electro House sound. I recommend you check them out.




Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Power of Dubstep

In case you didn't know...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Multi Genre Ragga Bass-Core by Dr.Colossus

Dr. Colossus. This is someone that I just recently met. He is multi-genre bass dj/producer with a fetish for the Ragga sound! Dr. Colossus started growing his Glitched-Out Bass-Driven Ragga Beast by planting his seed deep in Punk around 2000 and feeding it a steady diet of UK Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Nu-School Jungle and Break-Core. I even heard, that for a nominal fee, you can get him to bring the Beast to your town to show your friends! ;-)

Dr. Colossus was kind enough to share a mix with us, er....half of a mix with us. I guess that the other half is for him to dispose of as he sees fit! He even wrote something about himself which is great because now I don't have to. =)

My name is Dr. Colossus and I'm a Jungle / Hip Hop / Punk / Yardcore / Multi-GenreBass Music dj/producer from London. I started out, a few years back, doing ragga-jungle. But, these days, I play mash-ups and make mash-ups of everything.

This mix, found below, is a recording from the first part of a show I played at a rave called Fuxmas that was set up by NFA at the end of 2007. The rave is called Fuxmas because its always takes place around Christmas. This is one of my favorite parties because it has this really nice family vibe with free food, quizzes and stuff. I cut off the second half because it has some exclusive stuff that I didn't want to put out on the internet. You're going to have to catch me live to catch that stuff.

It was very surreal playing this rave. I was all prepared to travel for miles to get to the rave and then I looked up the location on Google Maps and it turned out it was literally across the road from my house. Because it was around Christmas, I had family staying over at my house which made it a very surreal night. My night went from playing a gig at a squat party, to being a bit wrecked and crossing the road for some dinner with my grandma (she's a cool grandma) , to finally going back to the rave. Although its got some rough edges, and is a bit short, this is probably my favorite mix that I have done.
-Dr. Colossus

Check some of Dr. Colossus' other sounds at:




Recording from FuXmas 21 12 07 by Drcolossus02

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hitler Created Dubstep

What can I say... It is history. ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bouncy Dance and Bass by Wrong Chris

Wrong Chris. A 24-year-old dj/musician, writer and Graphic Design student from Vancouver BC, Canada whose style of mixing is eclectic. You can expect to hear a mixture of multiple dance music genres riddled with funky grooves and bass. Wrong Chris also writes for a Canadian-based blog, called Lights Over Canada, that spotlights up-and-coming artists from his home country.

The mix below is one hour and forty-five minutes of brash beats with a variety of dance music styles. Some of the genres featured in the mix are Bmore, Breaks, Electro, Tech-House and Dubstep. So, check out the mix and, if you like what you hear or have any questions, leave him a comment!


Wrong Chris - Right Side Of The Tracks by wrongchris

1) Old Money - Dancehall Queen
2) Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. - Bang
3) Golden Gloves - Casablanca
4) Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok's Refix)
5) Soulwax - E Talking
6) Jay Robinson - Acid Line (Tom Deluxx Remix)
7) Munk - Live Fast Die Old! (Pristine Busters 'Never Dies' Remix)
8) DJ Icey - Bass Bus
9) Alter Ego - Why Not?! (Tim Deluxe Remix)
10) Wolfgang Gartner - Bounce
11) Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (Bass Weazal'Boom Shaker'Remix)
12) Major Lazer - Hold The Line (Edu K Remix)
13) Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
14) MGMT - Time To Pretend (Bass Weazal Re-Shuffle)
15) Will Bailey & Mikey Hook - The Knock (Bass Weazal Remix)
16) Wongo - Oh Nah
17) D.I.M. & TAI - Lyposuct
18) The Office - Cumbiesta
19) Crystal Fighters - Xstatic Truth (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
20) Atomly - Crave
21) Mojo Jones - Laughing Gas
22) Lenka & Nadastrom - Trouble Is A Friend (Sharkslayer Nassau Edit)
23) Automatic Panic - Louder (Trash Yourself Remix)
24) Dilemn - Modern Slave
25) Nid And Sancy - My Agitator (Headshotboyz Remix)
26) Boltan - Creepy (Mightfools Remix)
27) Blaqstar - Get Off (Jack Beats Remix)
28) Major Lazer - Hold The Line (DZ Remix)
29) La Roux - Tigerlilly (B.Rich Remix)
30) Reso - Smash Yer Face In
31) Downlink - Against The Machines
32) Optimus Gryme - Annihilation Of The Ego
33) Untold - Anaconda
34) Raffertie - Antisocial (Toast Refix)
35) Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Enigma Remix)
36) James Brown - Sunny (Featurecast Remix)
37) The Doors - The End (Rive Starr Re-Trip)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heavy Hitting Electro Bass by NARSTI

Hayden aka NARSTI. This 26-year-old, London resident produces a unique Electro Bass sound, with a hint of Glitch. NARSTI's tracks consist of heavy-hitting bass hooks with late -80's synths that evolve as the tracks progress. He has some new material that is really close to completion, so keep an eye out! If you are into Electro Bass, NARSTI is a producer that you might want to check out from time to time.

When he is not producing music, NARSTI makes a living as a Creative Designer. Check out his portfolio. NARSTI seems to know exactly what he likes and dislikes. Some of his likes include: beats, ping-pong, reading, synthesizers, the night time, beer, George Lucas, Liam Howlett, tea, lasers and Charlie Brooker. Some of NARSTI's dislikes include: coffee without sugar, TV Soaps (even Hollyoaks!), 95 percent of advertising and when things are not as good as they could be.

NARSTI also knows what he wants, especially when it involves what he wants to achieve with his music.

"I'm trying to combine lots of different influences into one powerful and energetic sound, " says NARSTI. "I want people to feel a rush and get excited when they listen to my music."

Latest tracks by NARSTI

Monday, October 12, 2009

Gathering around AMINA

This is a recording of me (AMINA) spinning at "The Gathering" This was an old-school rave! :)




The Gathering Live by Amina