Tuesday, September 7, 2010

MAL012 - CEEKER - Body Rocker- w Free Zombie-J 320 Hexadex

Hot off his recent remix of Blackheart's "Madhouse" on MalLabel Music, rising US dubstep producer Ceeker drops a genius original along with a diverse selection of cutting edge remixes. Eyecatching artwork courtesy of Ben Keyser.

"Body Rocker" is a furious combination of buzzsaws, wobbly bass lines, and inventive melodies lines comprised of pseudo-rave stabs and bell-chine synths. The track is a subdued head nodder designed to m...ove bodies, just as its title indicates. Oakland, CA's Dr. Knobz teams up with Carly D to give the track a crunk rubdown while maintaining the moodiness of the original with a wall of synth melodies. The bass is pure glitchy, speaker shredding goodness that is hard to ignore. Mischievious San Francisco producers Mycho Pan Cocoa and El Diablo cook up a remix that is noisy and glitchy with booming dub bass and gorgeous bell-chime melodies while in contrast El Diablo and Zombie-J's pairing is a concise, hard charging track heavy on the bass wobbles. Skulltrane goes for the Hotflush/aquacrunk style and delivers a deep, dubby affair that focuses on the melancholy found in the original's melodic elements. It's well done and should appeal to fans of both dubstep and techno. Colorado-based producer Zeno's remix is also in the same vein, this one focusing on more of a moody garage feel with heavy bass accents. It's a perfect change of pace track with a partyworthy vocal snippet. "Hexdex" is a b-side bonus beats cut and just like Ceeker's other original - a curious mix of melodies and moodiness.

01 Body Rocker
02 Body Rocker (Dr. Knobz & Carly D Remix)
03 Body Rocker (Zeno Remix)
04 Hexadex (Bonus track)
05 Body Rocker (Mycho Pan Cocoa & El Diablo Remix)
06 Body Rocker (El Diablo & Zombie-J Remix)
07 Body Rocker (Skulltrane Remix)

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